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Rachel Roy Hits Back At Beyhive

Rachel Roy, who is currently in the middle of the cheating cloud surrounding Jayz and Beyonce has finally responded to the backlash she’s been receiving from fans of Beyonce. Who believe she is at the middle of the crisis between their idol and her

Finally! Beyonce Releases 6th Album

Beyonce has finally released her long-anticipated sixth album titled Lemonade. Beyonce released the 12-song album alongside a short film. Based on a conceptual project based on every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing” The album features guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, James Blake

DJ Khaled To Go On Tour With Beyonce

Get ready to hear “Another One” numerous times and a couple of DJ Khaled’ signature quotes as he has just been added to Beyonce’s Formation World tour. The celebrity DJ made the announcement on his Instagram page with a glowing tribute to Queen Bee.