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Kanye West Makes Music History

Kanye West has made music history as his album, The Life Of Pablo, became the first album to hit number one on the Billboard chart in the United States even though it was only released on the music streaming platform, Tidal. The album earlier this

Kanye Claims He Made 2 Million In One Day!

Kanye’s twitter rant is becoming legendary and just when we thought he was begining to cool off. He hits us with yet another epistle about making 2 million dollars in one day, being the representative of the “common” man and many other revelations that

Kanye West To Release 3 Albums Next Year

Kanye is set to drop not just one but three albums and six fashion collections in one year. The rapper revealed this in his usual tweeter session that is filled with weird out messages and startling revelations that we probably don’t care about. See his