Tech Company Develops “Smart Mattress” That Can Help People Track Their Partner’s Sexual Activities


Cheating has gotten a lot harder as Spanish company, Durmet, has designed a wifi-enabled “Smart Mattress”. Which is an adult-sized bed that has a “Lover Detection System” that will buzz your phone every time it detects suspicious activity on your matrimonial bed.

With 24 ultrasonic sensors embedded in the springs, the mattress can detect actions across multiple contact zones and sends an alert to the user’s mobile phone whenever someone is using their bed in a “questionable way”.

The “Smarttress” offers more than just simple alarms. According to Durmet, the app can generate specific bedtime analytics like “Speedometer” and “Intensity” and “impact per minute” metrics. That means that users of smart mattresses won’t just be spying on their partners, they can also be able to monitor their performance.

Although the Smart Mattress is not the first device designed to keep tabs on bedroom activity or quantify sexual performances. It is, however, the first to allow people spy on their partners without giving them a heads up first.

However, the Smart Mattress uses a couple of batteries so there is really no telling if it could just go off or simply transform into a “normal mattress” when your partner is about to get down and dirty.

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