The Best Soul Food Dishes

Soul Food and Christmas are almost synonmous in my house. As we gear up for the holidays, here is some excellent soul food dishes that may grace the Christmas table. While soul food isn’t good for the heart, sometimes you need that good southern cooking that melts your soul. I advocate for dishes in moderation to ensure good health and nutrition, but every once in a while it’s okay to splurge a bit. Here’s some signature dishes that are so good to the soul.

Fried Chicken

Best Soul Food Dishes Fried Chicken

The classic. The transcendant. Fried chicken has become such a popular food form that it’s soul food origins are often forgotten. Best Fast Food Fried Chicken: Chik-fil-a,┬áBest Unknown Fried Chicken Place: fried chicken wings from Albertsons. These are addictive. Best when paired with one from the holy sauce trinity: hot sauce, barbecue sauce, or ranch.

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