The Life Of Pablo – Kayne West Album Release

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We went from Swish to Waves to T.L.O.P. and now Kayne’s album is now being released as The Life of Pablo. The self-proclaimed greatest album of all time is off to a rocky start.

The album throws major shade at Taylor Swift that has already started a social media fight, RayJ, and Rob Kardashian. I guess Rob really is the Blac sheep of the family (get it blac, like Blac Chyna…).

The Yeezy Season 3 fashion show along with the album release has been described as a “two-hour event that confused the hell out of everyone…” I’d say that is less than a glowing recommendation. But apparently, inside the Kayne West inner circle all was well.

The album will be available today, February 12, 2016 on Pandora and the live show was supposed to be streamed onĀ Tidal but that was an epic fail.

The music streaming platform, also known as the only place where you can get Beyonce’s “Formation,” has yet to actually find it’s footing and has been botching releases for major artists.

The streaming platform wasn’t up to handle the demand of Kayne’s performance, and it effectively blocked out or “confused the hell out of” everyone not inside Madison Square.

A replay of the event is available on Tidal, but evidence from Fader Magazine description makes me thing it might be a hot mess… so I won’t be watching.

However, for those who just want to hear the album and not the insanity of a release party with crazy model rules…

The Life of Pablo is available today on Tidal.

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