My Experience At The Lagos Experience 10

Experience 10
The Experience 10 Lagos brought the best of Gospel acts together in one venue with over a million audience, and I got a first hand experience so you are in for an in-depth review of the amazing event that got the whole of Lagos, Nigeria talking.
 Wurafacts: The Experience is the longest running and Africa’s biggest gospel concert
When I got wind of the Experience 10, I knew I had to be there regardless of my tight schedule‎. When the day finally arrived, I packed my mobile devices and a laptop (regardless of the whole rumour concerning security) because I had promised you guys that I was going to keep you updated via our twitter page @Wuratv.

International Gospel Acts Arrive Nigeria For The Experience 10

 I got a real shocker when I got there after working hard to get past the tight security at the entrance of the Tafawa Balewa Square on the island in Lagos. My network started acting like it was possessed (wasn’t connecting), and after tr‎ying hard to get it back on, I had to pay for an alternative and alas it was even worse than the one I had and that’s when I discovered that network in the venue was jammed. Which explains why I couldn’t tweet live from the event much as I would have loved to.

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