The 230,000 Oscars Gift Bag Includes Breast Lift…

Oscar Gift Bag Swag

So what else do rich millionaire celebrities need? Apparently $230,000 worth of free stuff courtesy of the Oscars gift bag.

The host, acting nominees, and directing nominees will all receive a take home swag bag that is valued upwards of two hundred thousands dollars. That’s four times the amount the average american makes in a year.

I’ve decided to highlight some of the more insane gifts offered in the celeb swag bag. Oh, and one thing to note there has only been one celebrity, Sandra Oh, who has ever turned to the gift bag. Bless you Sandra Oh.

The most expensive on the list a 55,000 dollar trip from

The Bersheet Hotel (Photo credit:

The Bersheet Hotel (Photo credit:

It’s a ten day stay in a 5 star hotel that comes with free eats and private security. I need to get nominated for an Oscar like yesterday…

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