Timberland’s Emperor Of Sound Set For Release In November

Emperor of music cover


Super music producer and record label boss, Timbaland is set to unveil his new book ‘The Emperor Of Sound’ which will chronicle his life, career, and relationship with other music acts in the business. The book is Co-written with Veronica Chambers  and will be released on the 17th of November.
Timbaland has played a huge part in the careers of  Jodeci, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Jay Z,  and Justin Timberlake. He has produced some of the most influential music of the last twenty years. He then added another impressive achievement to his resume when he became the Executive music producer for his TV series Empire.

The book, Emperor of Sound, will give fans an exclusive view of his life and his extraordinary career. It is expected that the memoir will take readers through his world of music creation and his unique style of approaching and understanding which he calls, ‘The Science of Hearing.’

It is believed that Timbaland’s Emperor of Sound will reveal the man behind the brand as a simple God fearing man who just likes to have fun ( I think we know that already though).

The book’s release will coincide with a Back story event at at the High-line Ballroom in New York City, where Timbaland will join Brad Tolinski to talk about his career and upcoming projects.
Timbaland has just launched his new record label Mosley Music Group (Rick Ross is not really cool with the name though) and he is still hard at work on Empire. It’s pretty easy to see that Tim Mosley is not willing to let go of his hold on the music business anytime soon and I’m sure music fans are not complaining because he still got it.

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