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Trevor Noah The Daily Show Host South African comedian

Trevor Noah is taking his first jump into the spotlight. The 31-year old South African comedian is finally being given the chance to prove he is good enough for the job. Will he be a better Daily Show host than Stewart?  Regardless, it is excellent to see some diversity in late night.

Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to a black African mother and a white native of Switzerland father. Due to apartheid, his parents relationship was deemed illegal and his mother was jailed. Even at a young age, racism was a huge factor in Noah’s life. But instead of getting down and out, he has used his life experiences to enrich his comedy.

Trevor Noah began his acting career with a starring role on the South African soap, Isindigo, at just 18. From there, he hosted his own radio show, a youth education radio show, a gossip show, sports show, and a dating show. I’d say Noah has it down when it comes to hosting.

Trevor eventually dropped out of acting and hosting to focus purely on comedy, but little did he know it would all come full circle. Noah went on tour with with Russell Peters and Gabriel Iglesias. He also did tons of African-run comedy events and tours.

After moving to the states in 2011, Trevor Noah didn’t take long to get on the national stage. He was the first South African stand-up comedian on the Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman. In 2014, Noah became a recurring contributor for The Daily Show and soon he was announced as Stewart’s successor.

Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Debut

What should Noah talk about on his first night? Lucky for him, politics is comical without any help from comedians, so it should be easy. I’d say Trump is a fair and easy target.

But maybe, The Daily Show host should break the mold. He should do something other than talk about Trump. Trump jokes are funny, but they are also easy. Noah should prove he’s got comedy chops to knock anyone and everyone.

I’m sure the Pope’s visit and Boehner’s step down might be targets as well.

I don’t know what’s on Noah’s roster tonight. Maybe, he will shock us all and talk about last week’s premiere of Empire. Regardless, I’m certain it will be funny, and met with criticism (hopefully good!).

Noah, you have done South African proud. Now, go and make us laugh.

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