Trump Supporter : Black Preacher Says There Is Only One Race In America


Donald Trump has got supporters in weird place as controversial pastor, Mark Burns, drummed up support for the over the top Republican candidate. With an even more controversial sermon.

Reverand Mark Burns, who has been rooting for Donald Trump believes there is one only race in America;

“When you think about it, the only real person who has been divisive is the Obama and Clinton administration,” he remarked. “Because they want to make you to believe that it is more important to be the color of your skin than being the color of the United States of America. Because the fact of the matter is, there are no black people, there are no white people, there are no Hispanic people, there are no Asian people — there’s only the one color that matters and that is the color of red, white and blue.”

Burns rounded his speech with continous chanting of “USA” before urging the audience to vote in the upcoming primary election. Watch the weird below:

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