Did Tyga Slide Into A 14 Year Old DMs?

Tyga Messages Molly Omalia Kylie Jenner

I guess Tyga is over Kylie or maybe he is just creeping. But, he is definitely being creepy. Molly OMalia, a 14 year old model, broke down in tears because she was receiving unwanted and uncomfortable messages from rapper, Tyga.

Tyga who is dating Kylie Jenner even after some relationship stumbles, supposedly first contact O’Malia on instagram. According to O’Malia, Tyga persisted in his attempts to facetime her. She continual denied his facetime requests to no avail. Molly only came forward after reports were surfacing that she was hooking up with the rapper.

While there is no evidence other than O’Malia’s word and oh yea (Tyga’s DMs), I don’t put it past the rapper. He was most likely with Jenner before she was of age, but they kept the relationship under wraps. Molly was also cited as a reason for Tyga and Kylie’s past birthday troubles.

Tyga claims he contacted Molly about a music opportunity. Yes, because all good singers are found on instagram, not youtube, vine, or something else. Matter of fact, Tyga’s camp was silent until Molly said she thought Tyga was reaching out to her for music. Suspiciously hours later, Tyga and Co. decided yea, let’s say it was music… that’s a plausible reason.

Kylie Jenner is to say the least pissed. She posted a snapchat that could definitely be considered throwing shade on O’Malia.

Tyga Molly Omalia Kylie Jenner


Jenner is wearing a wig that is very O’Malia – esque. Kylie isn’t confirming or denying any hatred for the 14-year old model or her boyfriend (if they are still together), but I think it’s not to far fetched to say she is unhappy.

TMZ has textual evidence that Molly lied saying she was 17. Okay great Tyga  you’re a cheater not a pedophile. It’s better, but Kylie you can definitely do better, so much better. Whether or not the TMZ evidence is real, I have no idea. Either way, it’s not looking good for the rapper’s relationship.

Tyga says the contact between him and Molly was strictly business. Then why do you need to face time her? Why don’t have her meet you at the studio? Or talk to her rep? I don’t buy it Tyga.

We will keep you up-t0-date as we learn more, but for now ‘It goes down in the DMs’

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