Tyga Reveals He Would Marry Khloe, F**k Kim, And Kill Kourtney On Khloe’s Talk Show

tyga on kocktails with khloe wura

Tyga is seriously caught in the Kardashian web.

Kylie’s boo was a guest on Khloe’s talk show, “Kocktails with Khloé” and during the raunchy game of f**k, marry and kill. Tyga revealed who he would f**k, marry and kill.

“I’ll probably marry Khloe, probably f**k Kim and probably kill Kourtney. You know this is my dog right here. it goes both ways, you know? This is a really hard question” he said

Tyga further revealed that he would marry his girlfriend Kylie if he got the chance. Guess they are pretty serious about each other.


Watch the clip below

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