Tyler Perry Addresses The Backlash He Gets From The Black Community

Tyler Perry WuraTyler Perry can’t understand why he is getting criticized by the black community .

Tyler Perry is one of the most successful men in the entertainment industry today, thanks to his inspiring, award-winning movies and stage plays.

But this has not given him a free pass from the black communit. He has been criticized by a large chunk of the black community and the likes of Spike Lee, who referred to his TV shows as a setback to the progress of black Americans.
The Atlanta native is often criticized for exploiting black stereotypes in his movies and also damaging the image of the black community through his characters.

Especially, Madea, a character where he portrays an over-reactive, loud black woman that often acts like a thug and resorts to violence to have her way. This has been called out as caricature of a typical old woman by critics over the years.
In an interview with New York magazine, Perry admits that the backlash took him by surprise.

“Let me tell you what took me aback about that,” he said.  “When people were like, ‘How dare you put fat black people on television, these are caricatures, these are stereotypes’ – I was so offended because my aunt’s fat. My mother’s fat. My cousins are fat.’ People who are like, ‘How dare you – these harken back to Mammy, Amos ‘n’ Andy.’ I would hear all these things, and I would go, hmmm.”

Oh No, Tyler Perry, we don’t criticize you because of the body size of your characters. But because you tend to make it seem like “blacks” have just one certain “eccentric” way of dealing with issues, which is so not cool.

But on the other hand I think Tyler Perry has done well for himself (and the black community) as a film maker and even though “some” of his movies are stereotypical. We all can’t deny the fact that he tells some compelling story with his movies and stage plays.

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