Tyler Perry Shuts Down Rumours of Fight With Oprah Winfrey in One Perfect Photo

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Tyler Perry has also weighed in on the rumoured rift between him and media mogul Oprah

According to a source who claimed to be close to the two stars, Oprah found it difficult to work with Perry because he allegedly doesn’t take constructive criticism. Thing allegedly grew tense when Oprah suggested that he get writers to contribute to his series ‘The Have and Have Nots’, and that was when the media star “got to see the side of Tyler she hadn’t experienced yet.”

The source claimed that he refused her suggestions and allegedly told her, “Aren’t the shows delivering ratings for the network? Well, then let me do what I do and you can keep your focus group research to yourself.”

Well, Tyler Perry has just put a lid on that rumour with the perfect twitter post

Well that’s just about that!

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