FabLife Feud: Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen

Tyra Banks Chrissy Teigen FabLife Feud

The FabLife feud has begun. After Tyra Banks left her own show, FabLife, the rumor mill got started.

Banks claims she left the show to focus on her make-up line, TYRA. Other’s say she needs more time to focus on ANTM, but the long running reality show looks like it might be ending.

Banks is an all around business woman, and while some of her ventures have failed (her music career, although she isn’t a bad singer), most have been successes. Banks has been in the fashion industry since the age of 14 and continued to rise to super model status as she grew older. She is a huge advocate for self-esteem in young girls, loves giving back to the community, and shaking up the modeling career.

Through ANTM, she has introduced the world to Analeigh Tipton, Yaya DaCosta, and the beautiful Don Benjamin (who I met over the summer! He does look better in pictures though).

Banks previously had her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, (boo, these names are not original) and it ran for 5 seasons and won two Emmys before being canceled.

The FabLife was supposed to be the next big Tyra talk show, but re-vamped and the panel format is hot (The View, The Real, The Talk, The Chew… The fill in the blank…). However, after Tyra walked away from her own show last Friday, a FabLife feud must be on the roster.

Speculation noted that, Chrissy Teigen might be the cause of Tyra’s abrupt departure.  Feud rumors between the pair had been the air before the show even aired, so Tyra leaving was the nail in the supposed feud coffin.

Chrissy, however, was not one to put up with it. The fellow model took to Twitter (celebrity announcement platform of choice) to dispel any rumors about her and Tyra.

Who knows if the model is actually speaking the truth, but truth or lie it’s a good move. If you are a Tyra hater, you might incur the wrath of girls everywhere. Tyra Banks is universally loved.

I’ve never seen the FabLife, and I probably won’t watch now that Tyra is gone.

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