Usher And Nas “Chains” Takes On Police Brutality

Usher Nas Chains Police Brutality

Police violence is all across the news nowadays. Often being labeled as legal murder, police brutality may not be at new levels but it is definitely at a higher visibility because of social media.

I am no prison commodity, not just a body you throw in a cell
For any reason, just to bother me
Just for your quota, so it’s rest in peace to Sean Bell
Sleep in peace Eric Garner (Sandra)

The excerpt from the song below, highlights the little worth that is placed on black life. 

This issue is taken head on in the newly released song “Chains” by Usher feat. Nas. It’s one of many steps taken by celebrities and other public figures to take a stand on police brutality.

The video is particularly powerful and all in black and white. Usher is running from the police after not doing anything and finds himself at a church locked eyes with coffins. The video is just as powerful or more than the words, and worth the watch. Check it out below:


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