Uzo Aduba Opens Up On Brooklyn Magazine

uzo aduba

Nigerian born Hollywood actress, Uzo Aduba, has already carved a niche for herself in the hearts of lovers of the“make believe” industry ever since she got our attention in the hit series, Orange is the New Black. The series has earned her 2 Emmy awards alongside loads of other awards and magazine covers over the course of the last two years.

Uzo Aduba continued her great run in the spotlight with a feature in Brooklyn magazine,where she talked about her road to success and had some photos taken by celebrity photographer, Jessica Yatrofsky.

She opened up about her attachment to her character on the hit series, Orange is the New Black and her love for taking on inspiring roles that tell “real” stories.

“I’m the most responsible for the possession of her dignity… There is great care and responsibility in how I approach her. She is such a lovely person, and such a loving person that I become really invested in just playing that side of her, and playing as much of her organically. She’s not perfect, and she doesn’t profess to be, and I try to let as much of her light in as I possibly can.”
“I want to tell the stories I’ve been missing. I’m interested in portraying and representing people that are missing from the portrait of our lives. I meet and see people from all walks of life, and I wonder why they’re missing from the framework of storytelling and the framework of our narratives”

Uzo Aduba also talked about her upcoming project, a play titled The Maids, where she plays the role of Solange.

“It forces the play to be infused with a different energy and color, pun intended. When I read this play, I was looking for the answer, the bottom of something, and I wanted to get to the bottom of Solange’s smirk. She has something she’s saying, but she’s not saying it, and I wanted to get to the bottom of what she’s choosing not to say.”

See another photo from the magazine below


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