Viola Davis Emmy, 67 Years Is Too Long

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So we had the “Black Oscars” in 2002 and this year is now the “Black Emmys.” So if more than one black person wins an award, then the whole award show has been “blacked up?” Why can’t the achievements of black people be recognized as achievements. Instead anything done, positive or negative is a milestone for the entire race. This way of thinking is what can burden the everyday black individual. Because with blackness there is no such thing as being an individual. You are part of black race and everything you do has to reflect that or you might not qualify for the free chicken that comes when you get 10 notches in your black card. Or worse, your black card might get rejected.

Viola Davis made history by winning the award for Best Actress in a leading role at the Emmys for her performance in “How To Get Away With Murder.” Viola Davis isn’t the new kid on the block; she has been a phenomenal actress for years. It’s a shame that it took 67 years for even one black female to step into a little bit of the spotlight.

Davis has two Tony’s, has been nominated for two Golden Globes, and two Oscars. Needless to say, she is a pro. But, aren’t all big-time black actors. It’s difficult to name even one major black actor that is simply average. But, you can rattle off quite a few when in comes to white actors (Kristen Stewart and everyone else from Twilight, Channing Tatum, Vin Diesel). The standard of perfection is higher, and that’s why the wins are far and few in between.

Lastly, Hollywood is a rigged system. Anyone that’s worked in any part of the industry knows that. Talent and work ethic are sometimes the last things that are looked at. Opportunities are far and wide for people that are untalented and well-connected. They aren’t enough writers and producers giving roles to black actors that aren’t stereotypically. Everyone who can vote at the Academy’s are industry personnel. What’s to stop voters from giving their votes to friends or people they know? Nothing. Which is why the same people win, and the same old song gets sung.

And even after Viola Davis won her Emmy, there was someone who had to say something nasty about it. Nancy Lee Grahn, a soap actress, took to twitter to blast Davis.

As much as we want to point fingers at just Grahn, 238 people retweeted it, and I’m sure there were many more who were smart enough to stay quiet.

I’m happy for Viola Davis. I’m happy because she is a talented actress and deserves her award. I don’t want her to be forced to look at the bigger picture and the milestone she has made for black people and black women. I want her to be happy because SHE won. The Emmys finally did something right. Next time don’t wait 67 years.

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