Voldemort Is Rated Higher Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump Voldemort Donald Trump Wura TV

Following a tweet by J. K. Rowling, it was discovered that Voldemort is rated higher than Donald Trump when it comes to favorability ratings. That’s right he who must not be named is more appreciated and loved by mankind than Donald Trump. That’s why it’s hard to understand that even though Trump is actively disliked, he is still ahead in the polls trailed by Carson and Rubio.

Donald Trump’s most recent statement expresses his desire to exile and ban all muslims from America. And crazy enough, people are cheering for him. Oh Fox News, how we hate you. Trump’s plan is to gather all the polarizing voters together, and hope that amongst everyone that is left enough won’t vote, so that he can’t win. Honestly, Trump is only handing it over to Hilary.

Seriously, if Trump becomes the President, I am moving to England. Or maybe New Zealand… I do love their accents.

Well according to a study conducted by Google Consumer Surverys, Real Clear Politics polls, and a Quinnipac poll this is a chart of favorability:

Voldemort Donald Trump Wura TV

The red denotes fictional characters. The green denotes political figures.

It is interesting to note that both Darth Vader, the Shark from Jaws, and the Terminator (who are all villains) are more loved than all political candidates including POTUS.

Donald Trump is at the lowest of the lowest only slightly edging out Jeb Bush. Sorry Jeb, the last Bush used up all the goodwill that name had.  Voldemort, while actively disliked, is still viewed with higher esteem than Donald Trump. I would have to agree. I personally found Voldemort to be evil, but also extremely hilarious. He was so full of himself it made it all enjoyable, and everyone knows a hero can only be as good as its villain.

The republican party isn’t looking to good, and I think Pharrell is right in saying we are ready for a female president.

Do you think Trump is better or worse than he who can’t be named?


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