Walmart Ejects Rick Ross Album Over Donald Trump Threats


Donald Trump is not president yet but we all know that he has people in very high places – just ask Rick Ross.

Ross’ seventh studio album Black Market, which debuted on Dec. 4, is no longer available for purchase at Walmart or the retailer’s website.

That’s right folks. The big boys at Walmart has reportedly yanked the rapper’s album from its shelves due to a lyric that ‘threatened’ Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The foolery all began last week when journalist Mark Dice took issue with a lyric in the album’s first song, “Free Enterprise”.

In the song, Ross raps,
“Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman/Now accept the words as they came from Eminem.”

Dice (who we are still wondering what exactly his real issue was) then took issue with the lyrics, and perceived them as “terrorist threats.” (yes. we too are still trying to figure out how) Dice contacted a number of major retailers, including Walmart, calling on them to suspend sales of the album.

We wonder if this is somewhat a violation of that free speech amendment in that law of the land thing called the Constitution.

Although Ross’ Black Market album is still available for sale on iTunes and Amazon, it saw a 66 percent decrease in sales in its second week already so this corporate move by Walmart certainly does not help.

Breaking down the album, Ross recently told Billboard,

“That was one of the first records I actually wrote over the summer I was incarcerated…I recorded it the first day I came home. I wanted the album to feel like you’re walking into a room and just completely open your mind to all the possibilities. Everything is a go, so I made the title ‘Free Enterprise.’ It costs you nothing to dream as big as you can. My feet are on the ground and I just wanted to take you through my timeline. It most definitely [set the tone] and I recorded it the way it played out in my mind.”

Mark Dice ANNND Walmart apparently are not feeling Ross’ message.

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