Watch The Trailer For Ik Ogbonna’s New Movie


Fast rising Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, is back with another romantic comedy, How not to fall in love, which is directed and produced by Sobe Charles Umeh.

The movie, How to not fall in love, is based on two awkward individual Derrick (IK Ogbonna) and Fiona (Omotu Bissong), who are brought together by their over eager parents without having any feelings for each other.

They are both forced to stay together by their parents in a bid to get them to understand each other for a period of two weeks. And this turns their otherwise peaceful life upside down as their folk’s method of forcing them to fall in love backfires terribly.

The movie also stars Omotu Bissong, Stan Nze, Betty Buzo, among others.

However scenes from the trailer are not “edgy” enough given the standard of movies Nollywood producers churn out nowadays. So I’m hoping the producer is not just trying to use IK Ogbonna’s star power to sell the movie because Nollywood movie lovers have grown beyond that.

Watch the trailer below


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