Well Deserved! Pittsburgh Anchor, Wendy Bell, Fired For Racist ‘Young Black Men’ Facebook Post


WTAE-TV has reiterated the need to stamp out racism and racial profiling by firing their journalist and anchor, Wendy Bell, for her incredibly shallow racist posts on Facebook.

The Pittsburgh journalist, who is living in the ancient past in her mind took to her Facebook page, to post a “racist” inspired comment where she claimed that suspects in a crime that left four people dead were most likely “young black men in their 20s with multiple siblings. Which that has now cost her, her job.Comments2Comments


She then followed it up with a demeaning post about “the strange” sighting of a young Black boy who was doing a decent job of tending tables at a restaurant.Comments3

Following her comments the Pittsburgh television quickly and rightly fired her. WTAE-TV’s parent company, Hearst Television, said Bell’s comments were “inconsistent with the company’s ethics and journalistic standards,” AP reported.

“WTAE has ended its relationship with anchor Wendy Bell,” Hearst Television told AP. “Wendy’s recent comments on a WTAE Facebook page were inconsistent with the company’s ethics and journalistic standards.”

On Wednesday, Bell told AP, she wasn’t given a “fair-shake” from the station.

“It makes me sick,” she told AP. “What matters is what’s going on in America, and it is the death of black people in this country.”

No Wendy Bell, what is really going on is the myopic racist views of people like you. Which she should not be condoned.

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