Wendy Williams Defends Kesha’s Rapist (Video)

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I despise Wendy Williams which is why she is on my racial draft list. 

Anyone who says she is a substitute to Oprah is telling a blatant lie.

Williams in a recent show went on to defend Kesha’s rapist, and she states the judges ruling is fair.


Not only are you are a woman, but you working in the industry. I know Wendy is well aware of the mistreatment that goes on between the genders.

I’m already ticked off about the judge’s ruling on Kesha’s case anyway. The girl isn’t even asking for the man to be arrested, she just doesn’t want to have to work with her rapist everyday which seems like a reasonable request.

But, leave it to Wendy Williams to disagree.

So if you don’t catch your rapist on camera, then you should just shut up? I’m so sick of women not being heard.

I mean literally twenty plus girls can call a man a rapist and no one will believe them (Cough cough Bill Cosby), and ONE man will call a girl a thot and all of the sudden she can’t ever be anything more than that. The double standard is disgusting and Wendy Williams is too.

Watch the video from her show below:

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