What’s Good About The Old Days?


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So i’m stuck in traffic on 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos, Nigeria and after watching the calm and large body of waters beneath the bridge. My curious mind started thinking about the famous “Good old days” phrase. That always pops up when something bad happens. “Oh I miss the good old days” “Then things weren’t like this.” Older folks often claim

So it got me thinking, what’s really good about the good old days? What’s good about the days we had to wait till 12pm before we could watch TV programs that even our grandmother’s will not watch today? What’s good about the days we had to wait for weeks before Nipost will send our one page letters to our loved ones? I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to go against the old folks who had such a wonderful experience in their time but the things they had in the good old days are things that no one will even touch today.

Often the point of reference is the assertion that things were calm in the “good old days”. But a few minutes on Criminal Investigation channel has shown that the good old days still had serial killers. Who would have been caught if we had the technology we have now. So what’s really good about the old days?.

Let me guess! We had less pollution? Well you can’t eat your cake and have can you?. Something has got to give.

My mentor. Mike Ojo, wrote something on instagram which caught my attention and it clearly buttress the point I’m making now. He wrote ” If people from thousand years could witness what modern man has been able to create. They would fall to their feet and worship us. We are gods in our own given right. Needless to say just how powerful our Almighty God” and I totally agree with him.

However, one thing I can’t deny is the fact that things that money can’t buy. Like Morals, family values, trust and the likes are no longer in vogue. And these are things we should take back from the good old days if we can.

No doubt the good old days was a great time but it’s hard to ignore the obvious fact that things are not the same and we are now experiencing better days. With the belief that our best days are ahead of us.

EAO is a writer from Lagos, Nigeria

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