Where White People Meet Dating Site

Where White People Meet

Where White People Meet: the dating site where white people can date other white people. That’s not the official slogan, but I think it’s fitting.

The Where White People Meet homepage boasts an adorable picture of a perfectly white couple. It doesn’t say anything about not accepting other races, but I think the message is clear. If you aren’t white go find someone in a DM, let us white people do this civilized.

The About page says there are many dating websites specific for certain types of people. Dating sites for old people, christians, atheists, black people, etc…  Their answer is: “So again, why not “Where White People Meet.Com”?”

Yes, Why Not… is a good question. The about section definitely specifies that anyone can join that is over 18 and follows site rules. I’ve never done online dating, but I’m thinking about joining this site just to see how ‘open’ the members truly are.

“Here at www.wherewhitepeoplemeet.com we believe that all people, regardless of race, creed, color or religion deserve to be happy and that no one should go through life alone.”

Of course this website, sent some shockwaves through the internet. The site has just shy of 1800 members, and some black ones.

I saw this guy:

Where White People Meet Racist

Either he likes white girls, and he isn’t afraid to show it. Or somebody is trying to run game on this site. I actually would find it hilarious if two non-white people met on this site and got together. That would be interesting for like a black couple to tell their kids, ‘we met on where white people meet.com.’

The owner and founder of the site has recently come out to clearly state he is not racist. I have no idea if he is, but he’s definitely smart. He may not be a racists, but why not capitalize off of people that are. The founder Sam Russell said, “The last thing in the world I am is racist. I dated a black woman once.”

Sam, no… You never point out past interactions with black individuals as a reason for not being racist. That’s rule number one. Russell says anybody that is criticizing him doesn’t understand the true nature of racism.

I think it’s capitalism, and Russell is going to be not racist (or actually racist, who knows?) all the way to the bank.

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