White HBCU Student Starts #BlackWomenAreGorgeous Campaign


A White student, Russell Schiller, in Howard University has launched a rather controversial campaign tagged, #BlackWomenAreGorgeous for Black women seeking validation from White men.

According to Russell Schiller the project is aimed at highlighting “black women’s” features.

Russell, who grew in a predominately black neighbourhood, says he feels more comfortable around black people and he even has a photographer business, #ShootsByRuss. Which recently produced this video celebrating black female beauty.

He explains the rational behind the project;

I thought it was only right to start something that all people can see where the credit belongs and how truly beautiful this culture is. It’s a true passion of mine. I really love black women. They are the standard for beauty, in my opinion.”

Russell says that black people at Howard were fascinated with his understanding of black culture and his dating preferences are black women–an aspect of his lifestyle that his parents aren’t completely comfortable with.
“At first, my mother wanted me to go to school ‘with my own people, and wanted to force it into my head that I’m supposed to like white women, but it didn’t work.”

Although, this idea is laudable, the fact that Russell Schiller’s twitter is filled with the N-word calls to question his true motive. Why you use an offence word if you are trying to promote black culture?

Snapshot of his twitter page

Snapshot of his twitter page

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