The New White Lil Kim, Is She Skin Bleaching?

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Lil’ Kim is looking lighter than ever. Don’t be the subject of a rap lyric about the dark-skinned Lil’ Kim and the light-skinned Lil’ Kim. People, black IS beautiful.

The rapper has seriously fell off in my opinion. She used to be pretty and a decent lyricist when she wasn’t getting too nasty with it. It’s like she forgot who she was. She was looking rough months ago because of all her seemingly plastic surgeries.

Lil Kim was never dark, but she wasn’t white-looking like she is now. I just don’t understand what the obsession is. Entertainers have said the light-skinned actors get more roles than dark-skinned actors, and I can see that claim. But, is fame really worth changing who you are? Or at least how you look? You have to set some standards.

The only thing is Lil Kim is already famous. She isn’t searching or trying to make it, she made it. That being said, she is largely irrelevant in the hip-hop scene. But, I could use a break from Nicki Minaj and don’t get me started on the hatred I have for Dej Loaf (her voice is so ANNOYING) and Iggy (Do I need to explain this one). I’m glad Missy is trying to get back in the game, but female rappers need someone to be better.

Being better does not equal being white. If you take a look at American culture, fashion trends, popular and even political figures, all of those people are black. It is true that black culture is definitive American culture and it is shaping our global outlook. Why then, do black people desire to be white? Don’t you realize the power and beauty that is you? That is black?

I don’t know what this white Lil Kim is thinking, but she needs to take a look at the old her. Maybe she should watch Skinned and start to see how damaging this type of thinking can be. Also, as someone in the public eye, you need to do better. I understand that famous people don’t all want to be role models, but it comes with the job. This is a basic thing you can do. i.e. Be yourself.

What do you think of the new White Lil Kim? Take a look it her now and then:

White Lil Kim


black Lil Kim 2006 Wura




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