Criminal White Males More Likely To Be Hired Than Blacks Without Record


If you’re black, you’ve probably heard someone you know (or said it yourself) that you missed out on x, y, z opportunity simply because you are black.

A sociology study by Princeton grad, Devah Pager, has proven that sometimes that statement is true.

Pager had male job seekers apply for the same jobs with varying statistics, mainly some of them had criminal backgrounds and some did not. The only variant was that half of the men were black and the other half were white.

Following the study, she learned that whites with a criminal background were more likely to get a callback than african-americans without a criminal record.

SMH… that is something else.

It was deemed surprising by the society pages that race has more of an impact on job hiring than criminal history.

The returned hiring rate was as follows:

Whites With Criminal Records Get More Jobs Than African Americans Without Criminal Records

The study although conducted in 2003 bears some interesting statistics. Black employment rate is devastatingly low in some areas, and although this isn’t the end all it does sound off on disheartening news.

The overall unemployment rate in 2015 for black males is  higher than any other statistical group including asians, hispanics, and whites.

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