Why Men Cheat – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim Wura

Juliet Ibrahim Wura

Juliet Ibrahim thinks men cheat because there is always a woman to cheat with.

The debate on why men cheat is never ending with everyone giving their own reason on why “some” men can’t seem to embrace monogamy.

So, voluptuous Ghanian actress, Juliet Ibrahim (who is often outspoken on issues like this) took to her Twitter account to give her own different view on this issue. Her opinion will not go down with a lot of people as its not a “very” popular one. She said:

“Wondering why a man will cheat? Simplest answer among all others: because there’s always a woman out there willing to cheat with him #facts”

Although she got quite a lot of criticism for this tweet, I think she’s right. Because if there is no supply, there will be no demand But the fact she placed the entire blame on the female folks is totally wrong in my opinion.

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People who are prone to cheat will do so regardless of the conditions they are in. But maybe she’s talking from experience as rumour has it cheating played a part in her divorce.

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