Why Nollywood Doesn’t Produce World-Class Movies


Veteran movie producer, Ezeruom Ugwu, is of the opinion that lack of adequate funding is the major reason why Nollywood movies are not as good as they should be.

That film maker, in a chat with News agency of Nigeria, cited that while Nollywood has the best hands when it comes to movie making, the shortage of funds impedes their growth and productivity.

“The industry overtime has built quality personnel who can produce great movies but sponsorship and investment restrain them.

Americans spend millions of dollars and over one to two years in producing one movie, but here we have an investor with three to four million naira as investment for a movie.

With such funds, you can’t even spend three months on location because you won’t have resources to foot bills and even pay acts.”

Ugwu revealed that movie producers do not employ professionals for production since there are limitation of funds. Thus they opt for the best they can get with the limited funds they have to work with.

When a producer does not have money to call ‘A-list’ actors, he just will find cast that can fit roles, for him to pay less,” he said.
He concluded by saying that the industry needs government intervention to ensure that a profound structure is in place to drive growth and regulate the movie industry in Nigeria.

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