Widower Of 9/11 Returns Woman Of The Year Award

Caitlyn Jenner Moira Smith Glamour Woman of The Year Recipients

Caitlyn Jenner Moira Smith Glamour Woman of The Year Recipients

A 9/11 Widower has returned his wife’s  ‘Woman Of The Year’ award because of Caitlyn Jenner.

Glamour’s Woman Of The Year Awards has already sparked controversy because of it’s inclusion of Caitlyn Jenner as a winner.

Moira Smith was a police officer in New York on duty during the terror attacks of 9/11. She was the only female officer to give her life back in 2001. Glamour named her “Woman of the Year” back in 2001 to honor for her courage and service. Now, fourteen years later her husband is returning that award.

For him, the award now is meaningless since it is being given to Caitlyn Jenner. James Smith (Moira’s husband) isn’t upset because Caitlyn is a transgender. Glamour honored Laverne Cox last year, and Smith was not anxious to return the award. James expressed his reasoning in this quote:

“When Mr. Jenner said the hardest part about being a woman was figuring out what to wear (in a recent BuzzFeed interview), he proved to me that he is not truly a woman. I believe this comment and others he has made trivializes the transgender experience as I have witnessed it.”

Smith is not alone in that, many transgender individuals do not support or respect Jenner. Recently after Jenner gave a speech in Chicago she was meet with a backlash from transgender protesters. One protester was recorded saying:

“You are an insult to trans people. You have no right to represent us. You are an insult. … We have been assaulted by police … We have been violated by the system.”

There is much more to a woman than deciding what to wear, and Jenner’s statements make it seem as she doesn’t really understand what it means to be a woman or transgender.

While Glamour is winning in terms of the publicity they have gotten by awarding Jenner, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is particularly happy about it.

I think it is easy to say that Moira Smith a police officer who gave her life during 9/11 is a worthier recipient that Jenner who’s biggest achievement seems to be color coordination and a reality TV show.


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