Willow Smith Quietly Drops Mind-boggling Surprise Album


Willow Smith has done it again – she surprised us with her unique vision, this time in the form of an album!

Just a couple of weeks shy of her father, Will Smith’s Concussion hitting theatersthe 15-year-old teen visionary debuts her full length album in the most subtle manner.

You know, the usual celebrity stuff – hint at it on social media and boom, album drop.

So as expected, the Whip My Hair singer gives her album a name that no one but Willow Smith can pull off, like we could never guess if our lives depended on it.

Ardipithecus. (We know – whaaaattttt???)

This morning, the Roc Nation artist released her surprise album, Ardipithecus on U.S. Itunes as well as Spotify.

With track titles like Organization & Classification, and Natives of the Windy Forest, Willow is definitely looking to evoke thought with her project in areas we probably can’t begin to fathom.

The youngest Smith’s 2011 smash hit Whip My Hair, certainly caught our attention, but she has clearly taken her talents to a whole new level in the last four years.

The majority of the album was written and produced by Willow on her own. She is credited as sole songwriter on 14 of the 15 tracks, and sole producer on 10 of them. Other credits include Willow’s older brother Trey Smith AKA AcE on three tracks, and frequent collaborator JABS on two of them.

In an email statement, Smith explained to The Fader,

Ardipithecus Ramidus is the scientific name of the first hominid bones found on earth…I wanted to name my musical compilation after it because while I was making these songs I was in such a transitional state. Digging deep in the soil of my heart and finding bits and pieces of my ancient self that tell stories, which end up being the lyrics to the songs. Ardipithecus is my first album in my entire career and it makes me feel so blessed to be able to share my evolution with the LightEaters as I continue excavating my inner worlds…”

We are still re-reading Smith’s statement to make sure we fully understand every word!

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