Racism Strikes The Wiz Live

Wiz Racism

The Wiz premiered last night to an abundance of glowing reviews. Did you see Ne-yo dab? (And he did that joint twice!!). However, it’s not possible for a black musical to proceed without backlash from some white people. But, Black Twitter did #clapback in the best of fashions.

The only thing heard from the black community is questions about Toto (I guess the dog didn’t make the cut). But, other people had some of their own questions.

The Wiz Racism

It seems that having a musical with an all-black cast is a problem for some white americans. I guess they forgot about the majority of EVERYTHING that happens with all-white actors.

wiz tweet









The last guy @KevinXIndy heartily apologized for his comments because you already know #BlackTwitter ripped him to bits. But, it just goes to show that when black people do something that is good, positive, and unified it gets spit on. But, when black people are out their killing each other, no one has a problem with that… smh

Racism is a societal systematic prejudice. It is not possible for the majority group to experience racism in any form. I’m talking to you white males. People can be prejudiced against them, or hate them or dislike them. But racism is when a culture has been subverted in such a way that normalcy is a systematic prejucidal nature. Racism incorporates everything from the big, big like Trayvon Martin cases to the small, small like how the normal color of band-aids is supposedly flesh colored. (guess who’s flesh? – white people.)

But, it only makes me laugh because the Wiz outdid last year’s Peter Pan and almost topped football. It raked in 11.5 million viewers! So I guess NBC is the one who is going to be smiling and laughing all the way to the bank.

Best Moments From The Wiz

I’ve already mention the dabbed, but I saw some amazing and hilarious memes and vines from the Wiz Live. Check the out below:


The dab Do it Ne-Yo

The club Emerald doing it big:

Real talk where is Toto:

The wiz racism toto


The music related meme:

wiz racism mary j


Check out some more Wiz moments via MTV. 


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