WTF! US Singer Praises Nigerian P****y In A Song (Video)

NigerianA music video by a singer Princess Vitarah is currently causing a stir online in Nigeria. After she used the entire duration of the song to eulogize the Nigerian female anatomy. Which she called the tightest and cream of the crop.

Part of the lyrics reads:

“Nigerian p***y is the tightest, Kenya p**y is not! Nigerian p***y is the softest, it’s the cream of the crop. Naija p***y make a nigga wanna pay. I got it off the shelf and he bought it right away. I’ll make you fall in love, you will put nothing else above, and now we are rolling in the car that you bought me yesterday.”

See the crazy video below;

This is the dumbest song and video i’ve seen in a while!.

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