Wura Review: Fifty The Movie

fifty the movie wuraFifty the movie is a breath of fresh air in Nollywood.

I’ve heard (and written) so much about Fifty the Movie’s success in the box office; I decided to go see it for myself. I needed to understand why people are trooping to the cinema to see this movie and guess what? I wasn’t disappointed.

Fifty the Movie focuses on the lives of four society women, who are faced with different problems in their personal lives on their way to clocking the golden age, fifty. And the first thing you would notice when the movie comes on is the amazing picture quality, which will give any hollywood movie a run for its money.

In fact, you would be forgiven if you think you are watching a Hollywood movie.

Even though movie is shot with the best tech equipments in the movie business, it still maintains its local touch by infusing local lingua in most of its dialogue. This is done in a way that only helps in enhancing the content of the movie.

The casting of the movie is also perfect and the movie director, Biyi Bamidele, was able to blend these collection of actors. The actors include Ireti Doyle, Omoni Oboli, Wale Ojo, Dakore Akande, Nse Ikpe Etim and other actors in a way that makes it hard for you to detach one from the other.

The xex scene was also not bad at all and even though the ladies behind me kept muming, “Nollywood don spoil finish.” I was happy that the film makers could pull this off without resorting to the under the bed sheet sex scenes method which is the norm in Nollywood.

The plot is also well crafted although I think the movie was a little bit rushed, all in a bid to put it within the 2 hours frame. This led to reduced screen time for the characters, especially that of Tola (well played by Dakore Akande)

All in all, Fifty the Movie is indeed a break from the norm and if other Nollywood producers can toe the line of Mo Abudu, then Nollywood will match up with the rest of the world even before the ten years time-frame posited by actor, Ramsey Nouah.

Watch the trailer below

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