WURA Presents New Drama Series – Shattered Dreams

shattered dreams

If you really love ’em, don’t you dare leave ’em.”

The new drama series on Wura.tv circles around the quote above as it chronicles the journey of choices and consequences in the matter of love, marriage, and family.

Shattered Dreams is the story of two sisters who are in love with the same man. But of course it never starts out that way. The older of the two, well-educated (but not-so-smart-for-leaving-her-husband-with-her-sister) Tokumba goes to study abroad in pursuit of greater feats.

Having left her husband, Emeka, in the ‘care of her little sister,’ Tokumba comes to find out the hard way that you should never readily leave the one you love in the care of another woman, family, or not.

While her older sister is away,¬†Genevieve falls crazy (yes, really crazy) in love with Emeka to a degree of obsession. There’s no turning back when she demands that Emeka continue his affair with her, despite her sister’s suspicions.

Watch as the story unfolds on WURA!

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